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Zhundibayuly N.

Zhundibayuly Nazarolla (Agashayak) (1818-1898) - poet, singer, composer.

He was born in 1818 in the town of Sapak in the former parish of Delbegetey, Ust-Kamenogorsk district of Semipalatinsk province (now Zharminsky district of East Kazakhstan region).

Famous Kazakh singer, poet, composer, one of the founders of the national circus art. Left an orphan early, he experienced the hardships of poverty, picked up a dombra from a young age, sang songs and lived like a seri. At the age of 18, he became famous as a singer, poet, seri and wrestler.

For his ability to move quickly on wooden stilts, that they could not catch up with him even on a horse, he received the nickname Agashayak (Wooden-Legged). Covering his mouth with his palm, he sang songs, published melodies, imitating birds and animals, performed circus acts, changing facial expressions like a clown.

In his satirical poems "Betashar", "Bilerge", "Tashen", "Balasy Zhundibaydyn atym - Nazar" ridicules the selfish, ignorant bi and volost, and in the poems "Atandym ozim Nazar-Agashayak", "Zharkyldadym zhas kunde", "Karilik" conveys his emotional experiences, shares with life experience in the form of edifying verses. The songs "Kara Zhorga", "Sary ozen" have become widespread among the people.

He died in 1898 .

The talent of Agashayak was highly appreciated by the famous scientist S. Amanzholov, a prominent public figure O. Zhanibekov.

Literature about the life and work of Zhundybayuly (Agashayak) N.

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