Известные имена

Alimbetov S.

Алимбетов Сапаргали

Alimbetov Sapargali (1888-1956) – akyn-improviser

He was born in the village Shamak of the Zharma district of East Kazakhstan oblast. He is one of the brightest representatives of folk poetry, who left behind a rich poetic heritage. The first man who noticed unusual talent Sapargali was his father’s friend Zaysanbay, who was famous as a connoisseur of folk songs, the singer and dombra player. Zaysanbay gave the first music lessons to Sapargali, introduced to the songwriting of the Kazakh people, taught to play dombra. Sapargali knew and sang all of music Abai.
He wrote about the unequal position of women on the collective farms, sang of heroic deeds and castigated the evil and violence.
During the Great Patriotic War, the poet was helped people and songs them to overcome difficulties in 1941.
Alimbetovu was awarded the Order of the Red Star in 1945.
Sapargali Alimbetov died on 10 October in 1954. The grave of the poet is a historical monument of national significance and located on the territory of the Mikhailovsky village council Zharma district of East Kazakhstan region.