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Orazalin K.

Оразалин Камен

Orazalin Kamen (1920-2008) – writer, a veteran of World War II

He was born in the former state farm named after Zhdanov of the Abai district of Semey (now East Kazakhstan) oblast.
From the first days of the Great Patriotic War, he fought, awarded medals and the Order of Glory III degree. After being wounded he returned home and enrolled at the Semipalatinsk Pedagogical Institute. After graduating in 1947, he joined the school named after Abai in the village Karaul, where he worked for more than thirty years.
His first book an autobiographical novel «Zkeksen» (1950) about the tests on the battlefields, in the fire fighting. The basis of his work aspiring writer chose the Battle of Stalingrad.
He is the author of the novels «White Plain» (1959) about the development of virgin land; «spring chill» (1964) about the class struggle during the collectivization. The most famous novel trilogy is «After Abai», which tells about the personality M. Auezov whom K. Orazalin helped collect material for the «Way of Abai» novel. Kamen Orazalin is the author of numerous poems, essays, short stories.



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