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Petrov V. N.

Петров Владимир Николаевич

Petrov Vladimir Nikolaevich (1927-1998) – a writer

He was born in Ridder, grew up in the Malaya Uba village. After graduating the Almaty College of Communications, completed the Artillery School, Pavlodar school pilots, Michurinsk military school, the Kharkov Military School. After graduating the history faculty of the Leningrad military-pedagogical institute in teaching in Kharkov, he heads Writers Association of Kharkov.
He is an author of 25 books, novels and short stories, «Rockets guard the sky», «Believe in your wings». His first story was published in 1955, he wrote a novel series about a young soldier who had just called to the front – «Bitterness taiga berries», «Orange smoke», «Cassiopeia's daughter»; the story of the Soviet Army peaceful days – «The point at which the visible world», «Rocket barrier». Published in the magazine «Soviet soldier».
His first book was published in 1959, and then came the story «The battalion is coming forward», «Merry halt», «Believe in your wings», and a book of short stories «In the Scythian burial mounds». The novel «Ramson» entered the tetralogy «Unified Parallel».


Богданова И. Владимир Петров и его книги: [К 70-летию со дня рождения]// Лениногорская правда.- 1997.-12 апр.